Our Classes

Providing a loving, secure environment for educational, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth.

Educational excellence, unwavering dedication, and outstanding child care.

We educate the whole child, and we strive to meet the spiritual, emotional, physical and academic needs of ​every child.

Our committed and experienced staff bring fun, creative, and challenging activities into every classroom. And our low child-to-staff ratio allows us to focus on each child to better understand and meet their individual needs.

Holistic approach

Well-rounded education that addresses the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of children, leading to their overall development and well-being.

Passionate teachers

Passionate teachers lead to a positive and inspiring learning environment where children are motivated to explore, discover, and grow their love for learning.

Supervision and safety

Supervision and safety ensure that every child is secure and protected while learning, allowing parents peace of mind and trust in the quality of care provided.
Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church Day School provides a safe and nurturing environment for babies, aged eight weeks to one year, to promote their emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church Day School offers a fun and engaging child care program for one-year-olds that focuses on their physical, social, and cognitive development through play and exploration.


At Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church Day School, our child care program for two-year-olds fosters their independence, socialization, and cognitive development through age-appropriate activities, play, and exploration in a safe and nurturing environment.

PreK 3

Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church Day School’s PreK 3 child care program provides a structured and stimulating environment that fosters early academic skills, socialization, and emotional growth through developmentally appropriate activities and play.

PreK 4

Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church Day School’s PreK 4 child care program provides a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that focuses on preparing children for kindergarten through hands-on learning, socialization, and emotional growth in a nurturing and supportive environment.

School Age Care

Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church Day School’s School Age program offers a fun and enriching environment that promotes academic support, physical activity, and socialization for children in kindergarten through fifth grade, before and after school and during the summer.

AHPC Day School